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Getting your sod delivered to you as soon as possible and when you need it is our top priority. We use an independent trucking company that guarantees delivery before 8am so you or your landscaper has plenty of time to lay your new sod.

We have a base delivery fee starting at $95.

Our sod comes directly from South Georgia!

During the spring and summer times we recommend that a pallet not sit on a pallet for more than 24 hours. It is important to lay your new sod as soon as possible so its root system has plenty of time to plant into its new home. During the fall and winter times we still recommend that you lay your sod as soon as you can for a higher survival rate, but if you have to allow your sod to sit on a pallet for a day its survival rate is still very high.

Because we already fertilize the sod at the farm, it is not recommend to fertilize your freshly laid sod.

We do not offer installation but have plenty of recommendations and referrals for all your landscaping needs. Give us a call and we will put you in touch with several of our independent landscapers!

We require a minimum of 3 pallets and do not offer pick ups.

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