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Sod Installation

You have measured for the square footage using the area calculator on our Measure page and we have already explained the soil prep, so now is how to lay the sod.

  • Straight Lines & Stagger

    Start with a straight line of sod. Even if overlapping concrete or any existing landscape, do not try and follow the contour of the yard. RUN A STRAIGHT LINE , we cannot stress this enough! Lay the sod out in a brick-wall pattern, staggering the cuts and leaving no gaps.

  • Cut Excess

    After the installation of each line, cut any overlapping pieces with a sharp knife, flat bladed shovel, or the best tool used as an edger. Use the remaining cut pieces of sod to fill in any gaps.

  • Water

    Water the newly laid sod immediately. You know you’ve added enough water if you walk across the sod barefooted and the water squirts between your toes. The original soil beneath the sod should be muddy. Stay off the lawn as much as possible to eliminate low spots caused by footprints 

    Water twice a day until the new sod takes root and bonds with the soil below it. This usually takes approximately 7-10 days.  Don’t Forget to Fertilize (see maintaining your lawn).

    Once your sod has “tacked in” - roots have been established - decrease watering to a couple of times a week, making sure to soak the soil each time.

  • No Seeding

    We do not recommend seeding a yard with a low growing turf seed with the exception of Fescue. Most low growing turf seed will not germinate and much will run off caused by natural rain and or irrigation.

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