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Maintaining Your Lawn

What do I do to maintain a healthy lawn?

This question is asked routinely and here is our answer: 

"Maintaining your lawn can be  compared to owning a dog. If you don’t groom your dog ,feed your dog, or give your dog plenty of water , its coat  will look horrible, it will become distressed and eventually die."

Use this same theory on your lawn.

Here are some tips to maintain your lawn once established.
  • Water 2 -3 times a week in the EARLY morning, never at night, and thoroughly drench the grass so that the water penetrates to the roots.

    If you don’t know how much water is actually getting into your lawn, try this little trick. You might be surprised. Put a coffee cup in the yard when the sprinklers are on. After the zone has turned off or after you think you’ve water enough, look in the coffee cup. Rule of thumb to know if you watered enough, the coffee cup should be  ¼ - ½ full. You might be very surprised!!!

    Do not water on short intervals on a daily basis. This is a waste of money and time and it will not help sustain a long lasting beautiful lawn.

  • Stress the lawn by cutting back on watering several times during the summer, as this will make the roots penetrate deep into the soil to find water. The deeper the root the stronger the root.

  • Fertilize 2-3 times a year during the growing season

    If fertilizing a high concentrate of nitrogen, make sure you water the lawn thoroughly and immediately after application. High doses of Nitrogen will make your lawn lush dark green for a short period but does not enhance the root system.

  • Apply pre -emergence in the winter months to eliminate broad leaf weeds in the spring

    Aerate lawn early spring and immediately fertilize after aeration

    Mow lawn as low as possible on the 1st cut of the spring. Don’t mow the lawn too early.

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